“Liebe Frau Ilnytska, Ich möchte mich im Namen des ganzen Chores für Ihre Mitwirkung in unseren Konzerten in Rachmaninov’s Vespern bedanken. Mit Ihrer Stimme haben Sie in Ihrer Solopartie dem Konzert, das durch die tiefen Bässe zeitweise ein sehr orthodoxes Kirchentimbre hat, in lieblicher Farbe eine runde Ergänzung gegeben”. (Translation: Dear Ms. Ilnytska, I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole choir for your performance in our Rachmaninov's Vespers concerts. Your voice in the solos added a charming colour to the concert’s Orthodox church timbre produced by deep basses).

Ulrich Brueckner, Co-President, REGIO-CHOIR Binningen/Basel

“Ich kann die Sängerin Iryna Ilnytska gerne empfehlen. Sie bringt das mit, was man sich für die musikalische Mitgestaltung in der Kirche wünscht: eine gewinnende und beseelte Stimme und die Bereitschaft, ihre Beiträge auf das gottesdienstliche Geschehen gut abzustimmen.” (Translation: I can gladly recommend the singer Iryna Ilnytska. She brings everything needed for a musical performance in the church: a captivating voice, which touches your soul, and a readiness to make her contribution appropriate to church services).

Pastor Stefan Staubli, St. Peter and Paul Church, Winterthur, Switzerland

“I have known Iryna for 3 years and met her first when she came to volunteer to sing in my Church. Since then she has returned a few times more, particularly for the great Feast days of Easter and Christmas. Iryna is dedicated and professional as well as being a very amicable and polite young woman. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Pastor John Scally , English Speaking Catholic Mission, Zurich, Switzerland

Iryna Ilnytska performed at our wedding in Zurich in August 2011 as our guest and friend. Iryna inspired and charmed the public with her voice and performance. Everybody was impressed and wanted to hear more. I want to point out especially Iryna's talent to interact with the public and involve people in the performance itself making it even more exciting to watch. Iryna sang us a piece from Carmen and the way how it was presented it was entertaining and inspiring, very special and charismatic. We still can recall very well Iryna singing "Amour, Amour" with this radiant look on her face which created a very romantic atmosphere. Iryna's performance definitely contributed to making our wedding so special and remarkable. We with confidence recommend Iryna as a singer for your wedding or other special event to make it unforgettable!

Marina and Morgan Altman, Zurich, Switzerland